mydigitalstructure works with many different communities, in many different ways.

Some communities/eco-systems that mydigitalstructure can be of value to...

The internet of things Everything is connected to everything - it's all about information
Engineering Building information machines
JavaScript Expressive and responsive UIs
Agile Change your architecture to be agile
Amazon Web Services Extract the value from raw IaaS
Azure Extract the value from raw IaaS
eCommerce End to end solutions
System Integrators Change to implementors
User Experience Designing Separation of form and function
Apple MacOS It just works
REST Pure and simple
Accounting User focused not GL focused 
ArchiMate Design it and build it with mydigitalstructure
CryptoCurrencies Integration with crytocurrency infrastructure
Internet Security Security tools
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning A different way of looking at solving problems
COBIT Organisational focused framework for IT management
Blockchain Using the blockchain as an open modification-resistant communication store
Education Working with the education community to build authentic learning based on mydigitalstructure
Government Statutory obligations, reporting
SCORM Used to create learning management systems
Keys Use of UUIDs/GUIDs as keys to data objects
Solid / Pods Solid is a specification that lets people store their data securely in decentralized data stores called Pods.
Engagement Some links to marketing website build & host sites etc

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