Using mydigitalstructure to create
beautifully rich & engaging applications.

Why should only anonymous public users have beautiful fit-for-purpose user interfaces? 

Why can't the workers that engage with the business and its information every day have just as a rich and engaging an experience?

The mydigitalstructure application framework is a pure model-view-controller (MVC) implementation with a all-of-enterprise model, from managing websites through to a full accounting system (including Payroll), all fully hosted.

As a user experience designer you then have total control over the user interface - mapping use case directly to user interface.

With full JSON support, building a jQuery/bootstrap webapp is a joy.

We are not all the same...  why should we all have to work with information the same way?

Getting started as a User Experience Designer

User experience (UX) web frameworks & mydigitalstructure


Even a brick wants to be something - Louis Kahn

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