The world has changed a lot since computing became main-stream and key part is how we relate to information as a society and its status as a first-class citizen -- changing from "writing computer code" to now thinking about the building of intelligent information agents based on well establish information services and machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques -- "the third industrial revolution".

education@mydigitalstructure is a tool for educators & students who want to write intelligent organisational-apps.

Based on building real authentic organisational issues.

Absolute Beginner


Developer getting started UX, Console, Building first app interactive video Not some much an organisational app, but about supporting others build organisational apps.
Image processing Automation Take an image uploaded from a device (ie smart phone), process it through AWS rekognition and then create data/information.
Chatbot Automation Build a chatbot using AWS to allow a user to find out next open job ("project") and close job / creation of invoice.
Virtual assistant UX General virtual assistant for a small organisation owner.
Virtual bookkeeper Automation A project to build machine intelligence to process bank transactions, categorise (learning) and process.
Better accounting package UX A re think on what a modern "accounting package" should be.
Square space integration Integration Payment processing for small business links to virtual bookkeeper/assistant.
Wordpress Integration - Ecommerce  
Drupral Integration  
D3 visualisation Make data work Show how transaction data categorised can be best visualise to help a organisational-owner.
Tradies mobile app Track time, invoice ... An app just for tradies - leveraging virtual bookkeeper / assistant, payment processing integration.
Deep learning Make data work  
Mac App Native A slick Mac organisational app ... it's about time.
Point of sale integration Restaurant/cafe/canteen system  
Financial integration  Payment processing / Yodlee   

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