Engineering is all about solving real-world problems by
assembling well-proven resources (technology).
mydigitalstructure can be considered another resource that an engineer can use to solve the information needs relating to real-world problems.
Traditionally when trying to understand the universe in engineering terms, it has been all about "matter & energy" - now "data" (information) is emerging as a first class citizen when trying to understand the world around us.

More reading on information & energy/matter

Everyday we use information to manage matter and energy - there is a deep inter-relation.

We use information to represent the real world (its state) - the internet uses the commonality of the http protocol to transfer this representational state, using some basic verbs: GET, POST, DELETE to change the state of the representational information (data) - known as "RE.S.T"

With a common set of objects (nouns) i.e. contact, project, issues etc hosted by, you can represent the state of an organisation - being the combination of people, purpose, process & product.

By understanding the mydigitalstructure objects and the methods (functions), you can design and build "information machines/engines" - that can be used to solve real-world human problems - the nature of all technology.

The most modern architecture for constructing "RESTful" information machines is "model-view-controller", where:

  • model is the structure that defines the data
  • view is what the user sees and interacts with
  • controller is what joins the view to the model - ie what happens when the user interacts

In classical engineering terms the the model is the rules and the view is the outcome.

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MADE process
The nature of technology (book)