Object: 126. Click here for more information.  
  Prefix Order  
  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  Area Numeric This sets what the default area is for each item.
  DeliveryDate Date  
  DeliveryDateTimeZone Numeric  
  DeliveryInstructions Text (1000)  
  Notes Text (4000)  
  Object Numeric In conjunction with ObjectCOntext, links the Supplier Order to something else in the system. Typically this would be an Order. Click here to see valid values.
  ObjectContext Numeric  
  PriceGroup Numeric You can define your own. Typically used when pricing can vary
  ProcessingStatus Numeric You can define your own. Works in conjunction with status
  Project Numeric Project that the order is for. If not specified, it will default to your default financials project
  PurchaseDate Date  
  PurchaseDateTimeZone Numeric  
  Reference Text (50) If left blank, will default to SUPnnnnnn
  Status Numeric 1=In Progress,2=Approved - Awaiting Invoice,3=Completed - Expense Created,4=Cancelled,6=Supplier Marked as Completed
  Store Numeric If using stores, the store the item will be delivered to. (A store is a location where product can be stored. It becomes a contact business)
  SupplierBusiness Numeric Supplier Business
  SupplierPerson Numeric Supplier Person
  SupplierReference Text (50)