Object: 12. Click here for more information.  
  1. When removing, you can pass 'removeActions=1' if you also want all associated actions removed  
  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  ABN Text (20)  
  Area Numeric  
  ASIC Text (20)  
  BillToBusiness Numeric As per CONTACT_BUSINESS_SEARCH
  BillToPerson Numeric As per CONTACT_PERSON_SEARCH
  BusinessStructure Numeric 1=Company,2=Partnership,3=Sole Trader,4=Trust,5=Individual,6=[blank],7=Government Body,8=Not For Profit
  CardExpiry Text (10)  
  CardName Text (50)  
  CardNumber Text (50)  
  ContactSince Date  
  ContactSource Numeric There are some standard values, plus you can define extras via SETUP_CONTACT_SOURCE_OF_CONTACT_MANAGE
  Credit Numeric An amount. Used in conjunction with Orders
  CustomerStatus Numeric Alias for Status
  DirectDebitAccountName Text (50)  
  DirectDebitAccountNumber Text (50)  
  DirectDebitBank Text (20)  
  DirectDebitBranchNumber Text (50)  
  DisplayOrder Numeric  
  Email Text (50)  
  ExpenseFinancialAccount Numeric  
  FaxNumber Text (50)  
  ImageAttachment Numeric As returned from CORE_ATTACHMENT_SEARCH
  Industry Numeric Standard industry values, eg 1=A-Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing,2=B-Mining,3=C-Manufacturing
  LegalName Text (100)  
  MailingAddress1 Text (100)  
  MailingAddress2 Text (100)  
  MailingCountry Text (50)  
  MailingGPSLatitude Numeric As per StreetGPSLatitude
  MailingGPSLatitudeString Text (50) As per StreetGPSLatitudeString
  MailingGPSLongitude Numeric As per StreetGPSLongitude
  MailingGPSLongitudeString Numeric As per StreetGPSLongitudeString
  MailingPostCode Text (10)  
  MailingState Text (30)  
  MailingSuburb Text (50)  
  Notes Text (6000)  
  OtherInfo Text (100)  
  PaymentAdvice Numeric 1=Send Invoice Only,2=Send Invoice & Statement
  PaymentAdviceDays Numeric  
  PaymentMethod Numeric There are some standard values, plus you can define your own via SETUP_CONTACT_BUSINESS_PAYMENT_METHOD
  PaymentTerms Numeric 1=Manually Set,2=7 Days from Invoice Date,3=14 Days from Invoice Date,4=30 Days from Invoice date,5=60 Days from Invoice Date,6=7 Days from End of Month,7=14 Days from End of Month,8=30 Days from End of Month,9=COD,10=21 days from End of Month,11=90 Days from Invoice Date
  PaymentTermsNotes Text (200)  
  Phone Text (30) If Profile Setting 347 is set to Y, the number mustn't be used on another contact business (to stop duplicates)
  PhoneNumber Text (30) Alias of Phone
  PrimaryContactPerson Numeric As per CONTACT_PERSON_SEARCH
  PrimaryGroup Numeric As configured via SETUP_CONTACT_BUSINESS_GROUP_MANAGE. If you are wanting to store multiple groups per contact use CONTACT_BUSINESS_GROUP_MANAGE
  Private Text (1) Y / N [default]
  Reference Text (50) Uses Profile Setting 198 to determine the default
  ReferenceMask Text (50) Alternatively, you can pass a mask to generate the Reference. It should have question mark(s) where the number is meant to go. For example with the next number of 123, "REF_??????" would generate "REF_000123". "REF?" would generate "REF123", "REF??????abc" would generate "REF000123abc". Note: The reference has to be blank for this to take effect
  RelationshipManager Numeric Contact Person who manages the relationship with this contact.  This can be someone in your space, or someone who access to you space.
  RevenueFinancialAccount Numeric As per SETUP_FINANCIAL_ACCOUNT_SEARCH
  SendNews Text (1) Y / N [default]
  SendOverdue Text (1) Y/N
  Status Numeric 1=Active,2=Prospect,3=Non-Active,4=Soon to be Non-Active,5=Internal,6=Alternate Supplier,7=Reference Only,8=Pending Approval
  StatusNotes Text (254)  
  StreetAddress1 Text (100)  
  StreetAddress2 Text (100)  
  StreetCountry Text (50)  
  StreetGPSLatitude Numeric Should be in decimal format, eg. -33.7166. Can use CORE_LOCATION_ADDRESS_DERIVE to set based on the address
  StreetGPSLatitudeString Text (50) Use this if you prefer to store string based co-ordinates
  StreetGPSLongitude Numeric  eg 151.2709
  StreetGPSLongitudeString Text (50)  eg E 174 01.399
  StreetPostCode Text (10)  
  StreetRegion Text (50)  
  StreetState Text (30)  
  StreetSuburb Text (50)  
  SupplierStatus Numeric 1=Active,2=Prospect,3=Non-Active,4=Soon to be Non-Active,5=Internal,6=Alternate Supplier,7=Reference Only,8=Pending Approval
  TradeName Text (100) The system will not let you add a duplicate TradeName, unless you pass "CheckDuplicate=N"
  WebAddress Text (100)  
  Structure Fields Click here for more information