Object: 189. Click here for more information.  
  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  InvoiceDate Date  
  InvoiceDateTimeZone Numeric  
  Notes Text (2000)  
  ReceivalDate Date  
  ReceivalDateTimeZone Numeric  
  Reference Text (50) If left blank, will default to RCLnnnnnn
  Status Numeric This field is automatically maintained. 1=In Progress. This indicates that no items have yet been added. 2=Needs Finalising. This indicates that at least one item has been added, but the delivery has not yet been completed via PRODUCT_ORDER_DELIVERY_ITEM_COMPLETE. 3= Finalised. To change this value, or to update a delivery that has been marked as finalised, you need to use an override, ie override_status=Y. Make sure you are aware of the consequences on invoicing, stock, and general journals before doing this.
  Store Numeric If using stores, the store the item will be delivered to. (A store is a location where product can be stored. It becomes a contact business)
  SupplierOrder Numeric Mandatory. The Supplier Order that the receival is for
  SupplierReference Text (50)