The mydigitalstructure JavaScript SDK provides a framework for building apps using a data-controller model.

Controllers are managed in the app.controller space and data managed in the space.

Notes on using the Util SDK.

init Initialise the mydigitalstructure object.  (See options section that follows) viewStart, viewUpdate, viewNavigation, options (see below), views, viewAssemblySupport
auth Authorise a user (log on)  
deauth Deauthorise a user (log off)  
create Create (add) new object data ie create a new contact  
retrieve Retrieve (search) for data  
update Update object data  
delete Delete data  
register Register a space or user  
reset Reset a users authentication (ie password)  
httpsOnly App can only be accessed via https true/false
container The selector for the app eg '#main'
assistWithBehavior Bind for logon (auth) buttons etc true/false
objects Get list of objects from true/false
startURI The app starting URI eg '/app'
startURIContext What context (URI hash) to start the app in eg '#dashboard'
authURIIsHome Is the auth URI the same as the root of the app, ie '/' true/false
authURI The auth URI (ie with logon) eg '/auth'
authURIContext The auth URI context  eg '#auth'
working The html to show the app is working   
rows Default rows for any .retrieve() Number
namespace The app name space eg 'app'
password The minimum length minimumLength 
routing Rules for routing requests toURI, toStart 
access Works with mydigitalstructure User Roles to work out if a user has access to based on a role.  It can hide/show view elements based on user roles has, hide, show
attachment Upload attachments to the Attachment endpoint select, status, upload
controller Manage controllers for an app.  Stored in app.controller. add, invoke
convert Convert CSV data to JSON csvToJSON
data Manage data for the app.  Stored in clear, find, get, reset, set
doCallBack Invoke a controller method as a controller with parameters supplied.  
downloadImage Create and download image based on Base64 data.  
factory If mydigitalstructure object is initialised with viewAssemblySupport: true when the factory method adds the standard controller methods; app-router, app-route-to, util-view-reset, util-attachment-check, util-clear, util-user-switches, util-user-switch-to, util-view-table, util-export-table core, export
hash Returns MD5 hash  
location Get the device/agents geo location and send coordinates to the view. get, process
log A log of messages generated by the mydigitalstructure object add, clear, show
logoff Send log off call to  
logon Send log on call to  
notify Send notification to the view - eg toast notification  
object Gets details of the mydigitalstructure objects get, properties
onComplete Call a passed method when invoked method has completed  
param Get and set parameters passed to a method set, get
register Register a new space or website space, website
search Use to set up a search call to comparisons, init
send Send a request to  
sendToView Send a message to the view  
svgToImage Convert SVG to Image file  
user Update password and get roles password, roles
view Manage the user view.  (See section that follows). access, datepicker, get, more, moreSearch, queue, render, set, showPage, track
working Show the user that app is in working mode. start, stop
The view method helps with managing the view within an app.  You can construct view queues that you can then use to render into the view.  It works with templates that you can set up within the app HTML.
myds-view, myds-view-template


JS Util SDK (Table)