A key part of ibCom's approach to protecting your data is "test, test, test!" and to achieve this we base our testing strategy on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing guide.

We apply particular focus to the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

Another key part of the ibCom's approach to protecting your data is "separation of concerns" and as per the diagram to the right - this gives us a testing advantage, as only have to test the infrequently changing "kernel" ie the interface (API).

All service endpoints are accessed via AWS Elastic Load-balancers.

In addition to the OWSAP/nmap testing tools we use our own dedicated testing service to continuously test security via the functional service endpoints.

The testing service is run on an infrastructure service independent of the mydigitalstructure service.

This service tests for;

  • Port access via scanning - ensuring only 80/443 if not authenticated and 443 if authenticated method.
  • Authentication - including perfect forward security.
  • Authorisation
  • Availability
  • Accountability; Monitoring & logging - checking that logging is occurring.
  • http responses
  • Injection - search & manage

Any exceptions to expected results trigger real-time alerts to ibCom operations.

Evidence of this testing is a key part of our external auditing of our Information Security Management System and compliance to ISO 27001/17.



Test Testing service; Alert sent to ibCom operations if;
  • authenticates as known user.
  • queries logs to check for logged authentication.
If no matching log.
Port access - scanning (Unauthenticated)
  • scans ports 1-65565
If any port open that is not 80 or 443
Port access (Authenticated method)
  • attempts to authenticate using port 80/http.
If response status not "ER".
  • queries the API with parameters with known sql injection techniques
If response status not "ER".
http Responses
  • queries the API and checks that no Server details returned
  • Strict-Transport-Security header present
If Server name present.
  • check that service is available
If no response.
DNS checking
  • Presence of CAA record
If not found
SSL Checking
  • Checking expiry date
If within one week



Infrastructure is being constantly updated to deal with current threats and the Web Access Firewall uses the latest Control Sets to stay current.

We subscribe to daily update email services like Cyber Daily.

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