For automation, transformation and own SSL.

There are times when you need to automate/schedule the running of a http process or transform a request/response between a http client and mydigitalstructure. 

For example code/starter app, check out the Using Node.js with mydigitalstructure Getting Started page.

You can also use this method to enable your own SSL certificate.

You could build a http proxy in many different ways; the following are some resources to help you get a start.


AWS Lambda
mydigitalstructure & nodejs
mydigitalstructure npm


AWS Lambda Use to run Node.js app.
AWS API Gateway Create a API for accessing Lambda functions.
AWS AppSync GraphQL based API
node.js The programable Javascript platform.  In this example hosted as a service at AWS using Beanstalk.
node-http-proxy  A node based HTTP programmable proxying library that supports websockets. It is suitable for implementing components such as proxies and load balancers
mydigitalstructure npm A node package to make working with easier.
A Included for reference, as most common use case.
B The proxy is working as transformation agent - typical use-cases including:
  • Creating your own api, including REST/HAL, GraphQL

  • Aligning the api to that of a client existing

  • Transforming data format ie JSON to HTML based on template and processing
B-SSL As per B but with own SSL certificate.
C The proxy is using a scheduling service (like npm/node-schedule) to make calls to mydigitalstructure or another webservice; some typical use-cases include:
  • Doing a search and then using the messaging endpoint to send emails based on data

  • Doing a search and updating a websockets channel

  • Querying another webservice and then making add/update calls to mydigitalstructure

Example; Yodlee service integration