There are two main ways to integrate financial data (stored in banks) into mydigitalstructure;

  • Exporting the data as a file from the internet banking site and then importing using the FINANCIAL_BANK_ACCOUNT_TRANSACTION_ mydigitalstructure methods.

  • Accessing financial data using an aggregation service like or


A key part of running any organisation is understanding its financial position.

Yodlee & plaid are independent organisations that gather financial information from over 30,000 institutions globally.

eg provided with internet banking credentials it can read the latest bank transactions - which can, by way of example, be used within mydigitalstructure to reconcile bank accounts. 


The following comparison is based on our experience (which is not exhaustive).
  • Established
  • API is developing
  • New
  • Modern REST/JSON based
  • ! Not available in AU at this stage, JUN2021

Developer documentation

API Dashboard


Account aggregation

Fastlink for adding accounts

Developer quick start

XML Viewer

Quick start pricing

Data Model v1.1

Developer documentation


A nodejs based integration using the mydigitalstructure SDK for nodejs module.

Steps are by machine (code) unless marked with (H) for human * yes we still do have value, just in a different context...

Processing is designed to be idempotence - ie can re-run and wont add new data if existing.

1(H) Configure settings.json Authentication information
2 Authenticate onto mydigitalstructure API [As Destination]  
3 Authenticate onto Yodlee API [As Source] As partner (cobrand) and User
4 [Source/Prepare] Get Accounts  
5 [Destination/Prepare] Get Accounts  
6 [Source/Process] Reduce accounts to only those at destination  
7 [Destination] Get last transaction to seed [Source] Get transactions  
8 [Source/Prepare] Get transactions for reduced set of accounts and from date based on enddate of latest source record (if exists).  
9 [Destination/Process] Create Source record for linking the transactions to.  
10 Get last 1000 transactionids from source  
11 Cross check source transactions with destination transactions  
12 Load into destination if not already existing  
13 Clean up source if no transactions created.  


Source code on github

Notes on nodejs, the npm package & AWS Lambda ...

Yodlee & CDR (Australia)