Some tips, ideas and tools for debugging MVC architected apps based on mydigitalstructure.

Given that the architecture is view-controller (client) driven and that layer is open, as a developer you can use the best tools for the environment the app is targeting.  i.e. if a html/js webapp then you can use Google Chrome > Developer Tools

If you are trying to debug an issue that is occurring within mydigitalstructure,
then there are a number of options:
Analysing http method requests Use method ADMIN_REQUEST_SEARCH to search all http method requests that have been made against the current space.
Getting method details[method name]
Service faults If a http method request returns with a service fault ID, then please contact  The fault will have been logged and the technical team at ibCom is constantly monitoring them, but if it is critical then please contact us and we will work with you on solving it.  You can also use the ADMIN_SERVICE_FAULT_SEARCH method to get a list of faults for the space.

You can find the fault id in the response header:


Service status & @ibComMYDS
Debugging information The id of the instance that served the request can be found in response header:


Dealing with 500Xs response codes Not strictly debugging, but your view-controller code should always be looking at the http response code and if the "5XX" series, taking an action - like retrying the request.  See this code for example of retry code:

If the response header X-HTTP-myds-service-fault is equal to unhandled, then you should definitely retry the request until you get a different value for X-HTTP-myds-instance.