You've built your app and now it's time to commercialise it.

mydigitalstructure includes an endpoint (with associated methods) to help with the commercialisation of your app.

Assuming you've already created a space for your own enterprise, you then need to make sure that you have access to the core mydigitalstructure memberships that contain the endpoints your app requires.  There are two core memberships:

  • Everything except financials
  • Financials

or the combined membership:

  • Everything

If you don't, contact

To set up your memberships (apps):

  • log on to,
  • click the set up cog (top right),
  • select (Apps) Memberships.
  • click New
  • Enter details and click Save
  • Click Endpoints and Add Endpoints as required.


Once you have your memberships set up, you can start to create spaces for enterprises to access your app.

To register a space (eg sign up a customer):

Once the space is created you can then subscribe them to your memberships.

  • open the space and click Subscriptions
  • click Add


The subscription to a app (membership) controls the endpoints that the space's administrator has access to when setting up user roles and users.

If a user has unlimited access then they are added as count to the memberships that contain all the endpoints.  If there are multi subscriptions, then the least number is used.

If a user has restricted access via roles - then the least number of subscriptions are used to cover the endpoints that their role covers.


  • App-A has endpoints: CORE, CONTACT, PROJECT and is $30/mo
  • App-B has endpoints: CORE, CONTACT, FINANCIAL and is $35/mo
Users Billing per month
1 App-A 2 users with unrestricted access 2 x App-A = $70
2 App-A


1 user with unrestricted access

1 user access to role with endpoints: CORE, CONTACT

1 x App-A + 1 x App-B = $65

1 x App-A (cheapest) = $30

TOTAL = $95

3 App-A


1 user access to role with endpoints: CORE, CONTACT, PROJECT

1 user access to role with endpoints: CORE, CONTACT, FINANCIAL

1 x App-A + 1 = $30

1 x App-A = $35

TOTAL = $65