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Facebook integration - OAuth 2.0

In addition to the recent update to OAuth integration (allowing access to services like Twitter), we have now also updated the OAuth2.0 consumer integration.

This allows you to access (consume) other services that use OAuth2.0 access control - a simpler version of OAuth.  The largest service to use OAuth2.0 is Facebook.

This allows you to seamless mash the Facebook model (graph) into any mydigitalstructure based application - allowing access information about people your organisation may interact with and also the ability post information to them.

To find out more visit:

Another key concept, and why this type of integration is key to application development going forward, is the Open Graph development currently in progress at Facebook - where the Facebook graph goes beyond "people" and the simple action of "like".  If your organisation involves communicating with people and selling products and services, understanding the Open Graph could be just as critical in the future as understanding web page SEO is today.

Find out more at:

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