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Social & OAuth - Twitter, LinkedIn...

mydigitalstructure is now a little more social!

You can now use CONTACT_COMMUNICATION_MANAGE & SEARCH to add extra information to a contact, like there twitter address, facebook name, linked in name.

We've also made it easier to connect to web services (like twitter, linked in) and either get information or send information.  e.g. there profile information in linkedin.

To do this you need to use the open authentication standard, OAuth. The following getting started page shows you how you can do it as a developer within mydigitalstructure and how we have hidden away all the complexities of using OAuth.

For non-developers, the important part is that you can now seamlessly integrate these other services into the mydigitalstructure platform.

You can use the OAuth methods/functions to also connect to services like: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Apps, Flirkr,, youtube, dropbox,
mark.byers, 13 Dec 2011
V cool!
cassiev, 13 Dec 2011

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