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Learn how this blog was built - 300 pages!

We just cracked the 300th web page on the website! - including getting started guides and all the details of the 280 methods.

The platform just keeps on getting more and more powerful - if you can imagine an organisational app - the mydigitalspace onDemand platform can probably turn it into a reality quicker than anything before it...

A Friday afternoon quote from someone we meet reccently - they spent 10 minutes trying to force mydigitalspace onDemand into the traditional standard software space and it failed - they then stopped, thought for 2 minutes and came out with:

"Put a line through mass produced user interfaces – they no longer need to exist because we now have information utilities based on a service oriented architecture - and organisations never wanted them.

Every use-case can be achieved based on the inherent economics contained within this much sort after architecture.  The "mass production" has shifted to the utility layer and no longer needs to live in the user experience layer.

Re-imagine everything..."

Very cool.

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