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Windows 8 Metro Apps

We have been doing some research on the new Windows 8 operating system and associated "Metro Apps" - both being highly optimized for touch devices and also content oriented interfaces.

The following article provides a quick overview:

Although it is technically focused it has some key business messages with in it.

Similar to ibCom with mydigitalspace, Microsoft as reimagined Windows and is now highly focused around the "model-view-controller" (MVC) and "service oriented architecture" (SOA) frameworks - which model how humans work and thus results in "apps" that are inherently more aligned to human activity and more engage and dynamic in nature.

Given the ibCom mydigitalspace framework is also based on MVC & SOA for its organisational information management services - then there is a natural fit.  To take advantage of a new platform like Windows 8 means a basic tweaking of the controller layer and then building designs (the view) based around the Metro apps framework provided by Microsoft.  Conceptually highly aligned.

A great phrase in the linked web page is "New platform = new market" - there are so many new opportunities emerging around this new thinking and now is the time to be considering what MVC and SOA means - its been 30 years in the waiting.

The bottom section of has links to explanations of MVC, SOA etc

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