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Apple iPhone/iPad iOS5 Mobile Safari TinyMCE Editor Update

Up until last week, the iPad and iPhone have been unable to run rich text editors as we use to edit news, emails, documents etc.

We have just confirmed that the new iOS5 operating system released last week now supports it. 

This means there are no limiting factors when using the iPad or iPhone to run webbased applications.

We have updated to reflect this change.

If you're a developer, just make sure you reference the latest TinyMCE @ /jscripts/tiny_mce-3.4.4/tiny_mce.js and it will work.

If your a business user - it means now can create any type of rich application on an iPad or even iPhone.

Yes it took Apple 3 years - one of those ones that seemed small but has a big impact.
mark.byers, 17 Oct 2011
waiting for this for awhile thanks for the update., 17 Oct 2011

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