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Microsoft Kinect "Natural Control" - No Touch Interface

For applications where a no touch interaction with a system makes senses, eg food preparation, warehouse management etc - then the use of the a NUI (Natural User Interface) can be considered.

One version of this is the XBox Kinect controller which can be purchased for around $190.  This control has a USB interface and can be plugged into any Windows7 based PC.

You can the download the Kinect SDK, which includes the drivers for the Kinect - you then have a NUI controller for a Windows7 based application.

You can then using the sample c# code at - which has the core routines to connect to the onDemand service - simply create an application say that uses the  endpoint methods to interact with the information.

OR write a simple design document and get a c# programmer to build it for you.

The age of integration and cross-mashing via layers of abstraction is here!

Get a backlight projector screen and can even have the image floating... Minority Report style.. :-)

Only minor issue is that the SDK, released a couple of months ago, is currently for personal and experimental use - but can at least put into the design process as  a potential resource.  We are currently talking to Microsoft about their road map to make it available for business use.

Another cool use case for this is "operations rooms" - like in transport companies where have lots of information that needs to be absorbed and rearranged - could have a large wall of projected images and then using their hands could more the information around to visually organise and optimise etc.... making it much more natural.
mark.byers, 19 Sep 2011

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