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Microsoft Kudo Game Lab For Children

A good one for the klids

In doing some technology teaching at my daughters primary school, I discovered the Microsoft Research FUSE Labs fantastic "Kudo Game Labs".

It is free.

I have attached some information.

The link [] in the attached document, has a stack of information and also the Victorian Governments report on it's impact in the classroom.

I will let you know how I go with teaching it and how much a mess with their heads... :-)

Attachment added: Warrawee_PS_1B_Kudo_Game.pdf

No :-) - its good fun - really gets the mind opened up, ready for new ideas! Just got to work out how to mash in onDemand can get build an interface to manage your orders! ;-)
mark.byers, 21 Sep 2011
Do you thinks the kids would mind if the adults had a go?, 21 Sep 2011
V cool - something Christiano's principal will be interested in for sure!
cassiev, 15 Sep 2011
the klids = the kids :-)
mark.byers, 15 Sep 2011

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