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Data Attachment Loader (Working Example of HEF/onDemand on Windows)

Attached is a the c# source code of a simples Windows based contact loader.  It reads a file of contact information and loads into the ibCom mydigitalspace onDemand service. 

If has many uses cases in the real world, 3 examples:

1. Importing data from an existing system.

2. Periodic loading of data from other system - ie Point of sale register that creates a file once a night - this of course would be creating receipts.

3. Phyisical device, may be a measuring device that is used in the field, which then produces a file of results.

All this of course can be achieved through a jQuery web interface, but for cases where automation is required or lots of on client processing, then this type of Windows program may be suitable.

It could just as easily be automated via windows serice - eg set to run once a day.

This program was written by Hus.  If you need a dedicated program written, he can be found as morpsviper @

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