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"Escape 2011" Conference Thank You / Presentations


Attached are the ibCom presentations from the conference held last week in Melbourne.

For those that could make it - thanks for your time and energy and extended thank you for those that hosted a session.

We look forward to "Escape 2012" and seeing more of the amazing applications being built within the new ibCom application framework and spending time with such positive and innovative people!

Pleo is also looking forward to another trip - he is missing you all! :-)

ibCom Team.

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Thanks ibCom ... some good stuff presented to us. Quite excited about next 12 months given what I saw. Appreciated the hospitality as well.
darren.jones@myworkspace, 10 Mar 2011
Hi Stuart, Yes the dates are correct - with developer resources update scheduled for the 01APR2011, with the latest methods etc. Of course you can develop now on the onDemand 1.8 API which has been available for some time. The 1blankspace scripts will also be available next Monday for developers to start using as the basis of their own applications. They are open interface scripts. With regards to the Rotary project can talk about that under different conversation.
mark.byers, 9 Mar 2011
Thank you team for your great presentations. I am excited about where things are going to with the new interface. Are the release dates listed in the presentatation accurate? i.e. - Finalise release of onDemand 2.0 - shared components with mydigitalspace - March 12 2011 - Developer resources April 01 2011 - jQuery 1blankspace scripts March 12 2011 (for partner testing / use) When will the system go live for us and when do we get the documentation so that we can start implementing functionality? Stuart McArthur Rotary Club of Southbank, 9 Mar 2011

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