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1blankspace Console / DOS Command Line Program Example

Hi, we hope you had a great christmas.

Attached is a very simple C# project to demonstrate how you can access mydigitalspace onDemand using a simple text console application.   It just logs you on and gets your first name and also shows how you can get the command line parameters - in this case, you can set the first one as the logon name. 

You would need to enhance to it to make it robust enough for production, but as an education project it gives you an idea of how it can work.

You can either run the setup.exe or open it in the free Microsoft Visual C# Studio Express.

Text/Console/DOS based programs are still used heavily in running automation processes - eg reading a file and then uploading it into a different system (eg in or out of mydigitalspace).  A real example may be reading a list of new customers from one system and uploading them as prospects into mydigitalspace.

You could then use the Windows Task Scheduler to automatically run the program you have written when required.

This example is written C# [c sharp], Microsoft's prime language, it has similar constructs as JavaScript.

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