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ibCom onDemand Application Assembly Options

Attached is a diagram that will become key in the ibCom communication of how our partners can work with the mydigitalspace system via the onDemand webservice.

It can be used as an aid in the design process to work out, what is the best environment for the best user experience, based on their use case.


# if sales person on the road may be Apple iPhone environment

# if they already have an excellent xls spreadsheet for collecting orders - may integrate directly into it using MS office tools.

# if it is a corporate user with an existing enterprise system - then it can be integrated (mashed) into their existing application.

# if need to deal with individuals (eg financial adviser) may be a Facebook app that allows them to access information you hold on them from within their Facebook space.

etc, etc

The key thing is that with an open interface layer, you are not restricted to a web browser experience - in a similar way that email is no longer the only way we communicate electronically in 2010.

It's about unleashing the power of the internet - mostly through the webbrowser.. but now always.

This diagram is just a typical set of environments for 2010 - it is not exhaustive list... but covers the fundamental types of environments for the mass of the marketplace and reinforces the concept of openness… we don’t know what the interfaces of tomorrow will be, but we do know your ability to be flexible and integrate (mash) with them is always going to be a constant.

At a business level this layer of openness allows you to work with other resources; available through sites like and if dealing with corporates, capacity already existing with in their I.T. groups – giving them the control they need within in their corporate environments.

ibCom has already released some sample application source code for Windows, Apple iPhone and Webbrowser/jQuery that work on onDemand 1.8.  We are currently focused on finishing up onDemand 2.0 and the jQuery/webbrowser based, which can be used by you as is or as a basis to building user interfaces (applications).

The March 3/4 2011 conference will be a great time to catch up on this and see working examples being built now by our partners/ibCom and catch up with other partners!

From ibCom; have a great Christmas and speak in the New Year.

Attachment added: ibCom_mydigitalspace_onDemand_Assembly_Options_1.0.jpg

Hi Al, To avoid confusion, initially we are working with each existing partner to ensure it fits in with in place arrangements and business models - as different partrers have different responsibilities. Our focus has been on the product and application framework update this weekend. We will know turn our attention to the commercial aspects. I will arrange to discuss with you over the next week (as with other partners it may have an effect on) outside of this conversation.
mark.byers, 11 Mar 2011
There has not been any discussion on pricing for the On-Demand services that I am aware of. If we partner/developers are going to build our businesses around on-demand and invest time and resources then we need some idea of costs. ibCom, please outline your pricing for this service ASAP.
ibs.alan, 11 Mar 2011

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