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iPhone Contacts App based on onDemand - Source Code

The simple iPhone Application for managing contacts stored in a mydigitalspace based system is currently under review for Apple iOS App. Store.

Attached is the source code, that if you are that way inclined, you can use as basis for building your own iPhone/iPad application based on mydigitalspace onDemand 1.8 or do a design document as per previous post and use the services of Konstant Info. or alike.

Attachment added:

Konstant Info. is the Indian company that wrote this - so you can engage with them directly with your own design and they will use this code base to jump start the execution. They have project managers, UXDs, coders and testers. Vipin :
mark.byers, 14 Sep 2011
The iPhone phone app is only sample code base - so is to be used by a developer to build applications. A developer can run in debug mode to find out what it is - as an application it is unsupported as such. If myworkspace wants to use it for its customers - we can bring into a managed process and get it usable for your end users based on the design you want, including brand etc Re Blackberry - you can get a freelancer to do Blackberry verion if want or more developers now starting to jQuery mobile ( to get device independance.
mark.byers, 14 Sep 2011
I am having trouble sending an email from the iPhone contacts app. It lets you compose the email via clicking on the person's email address but when you send an error comes up: "E-mail not sent successfully!" Also, is there a Blackberry equivalent app?
darren.jones@myworkspace, 14 Sep 2011
Yep - will add it to the list. Now have the basic version, can build up design based on user needs.
mark.byers, 3 Dec 2010
I like it.... Could I suggest a couple of extra fields or a 2nd tab with another address where the client has more than 1 address..., 3 Dec 2010

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