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iPhone Contacts App based on onDemand

ibCom has sponsored Konstant Info. (India) to build a simple iPhone application for managing and interacting (email, SMS, viewing in maps) with person contacts.  It is a real usable application, but just importantly serves as a demonstratable example.

The development has been completed and final testing in readiness for submission into the App Store will happen later this week. 

Once in the App Store, the source code will also be available as a base for building an iPhone application.

If you have a need know, you get started by doing the design and using the services of Konstant Info (contact  They can work off an a design document as per attached.   It is optional to provide the screenshots - but if doing a new design you can use them and edit them with mark up on top to help communicate the application needs.  Konstant Info. can guide you through the process of getting your application into the Apple App. Store etc.

Of course you can develop yourself or source a developer through (or alike) and it could just as easily be a Android or Windows Mobile 7 based application.

Applications like these can really help engage users that aren't sitting in front of a desk and with the touch/gester based operating systems that usage is much more "human".


plumber/locksmith adding an order
service person adding time on job (including gps/location based integration)


Attachment added:

We've had a number of requests about iPhone development and what a developer like Konstant Info needs to be able to provide a quote. This old post talks a bit about the process and has a link to the design document used to do the 1blankspace Contacts example iPhone app. This document includes the resulting screen shots, you can either: 1. Remove them and they will prepare some for you based on your logic flow/business needs. 2. Use the ones contained in this zip and using "paint" or print/write/scan - mark them up and include with with the design - a picture tells a thousand words!
mark.byers, 13 Oct 2011
Re 1: Express is webbased application - so still works as is. This is about if you want to create a more richer/engaging experience by using the local services on the device and also store some information locally (eg in this case the favourite contacts are saved in local db). In this particular example application the emails are sent using the MESSENGER_SEND_EMAIL method via mydigitalspace|ondemand - so branded/saved etc - you could use the local email if wanted, but of course then not saved. In this example the SMSs are sent from local iPhone (as per voice calls) and thus not saved. Re 2: Would need to check with Konstant Info - if this possible - but if have favourite contacts in local db and can use iOS API to do search on iPhone Contacts db - seems possible. Re 3: That is demonsration space ibCom are building, that partners can use/build from by example.
mark.byers, 2 Nov 2010
Thanks. Just so I can get my head around this more ... 1. Can you explain as a user a few things I could do that change the way I would use Express. eg I open a contact in Express and wish to send an email ... do I use the inbuilt email functionality of my iPhone but it saves the email within mydigitalspace? 2. Will this also open up the ability for incoming calls to look up the contacts database in mydigitalspace to display who is calling - just as if they are a contact on your phone? If so, how would this work (in non-technical terms)? 3. What is
darren.jones@myworkspace, 2 Nov 2010

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