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Example of Website/Shop built on onDemand - Popet Education
mark.byers is a great example of how using onDemand and a collaborative team you can build a higly engaging site.

Some quick highlights:

1. The use of dynamic tags to create the XHTML pages for each of the Spots, eg Teachers Spot - ensuring it is readable by search engines and alike.

2. The use of onDemand services, jQuery and AJAX principles to extend the functionality for a richer user experience.  eg when the user clicks "Read More" it goes back to the product details and gets the rest of the description.

3, The use of the multi-currency system to show prices in different currencies.  The prices automatically show currency based on current rate updated daily via

4. The use of jQuery to work with user interactions and product animation etc

5. PayPal Express Checkout integration.

6. The auto-registration of customers for My Spot - where users can download their PDF documents (stored as attachments on products) and more.

7. The use or 301 redirects to preseerve the value in existing links and redirect to the new links.

8. And of course direct integration in Business Management system for operations/customer support/marketing & accounting.

Also of interest is the collaborative elements that went into this, including, but not limied to:

1. The creative/branding by Leigh@nextbrand

2. Website initial construction/layout by Kereni@Snapsite

3. Website activation/shop/members area +++ by Robert@1upIT.

4. Process and testing by Peter@Popet.

If you want to know more about techniques used in this site etc - I'm sure Robert would be more than willing to talk to you.

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