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File Attachment Loader (Working Example of HEF/onDemand on Windows)

Please find attached a website file attachment loader program based on the Windows platform - even if you don’t use our website tool, please take the time to read it, as it is also an example of the HEF/onDemand principles.

This development has been sponsored by ibCom, for the purpose of:

1. Creating a useful tool to allow large numbers of files (images etc) to be updated or added to a mydigitalspace based website.  Just run setup.exe in attached zip file.

2. An example of how using the principles of HEF and the mydigitalspace onDemand service the client platform doesn’t always have to the web-browser.  To create a rich/deep human experience it needs to the right platform for the right task eg Web Browser, Windows, Apple MacOS/iOS, Silverlight, etc…  Including of course due consideration for the support of each of the platforms.

3. Creating an open code base for developers/partners to learn from and extend as required to build their human interfaces or machine/application interfaces.   Microsoft C# code is contained within the zip file and can be run in the Microsoft Visual Studio C# Express program, which is available as free download from

4. Demonstrate how the use of virtual resources can be used build types of interfaces.  This program was written by morpsviper on Freelancer – he is available to extend it or do similar Windows based programs or you can add a project and select based on bids May be a program that reads order files from a local drive and uploads them etc…

The program as such is not supported by ibCom; we sponsored it as a simple working example.  We are of course interested in talking about it and how we can work collaboratively to improve it or our partners can take it and extend it for their needs.

The onDemand services that it relies on are of course supported by ibCom and are the centre of the ibCom mydigitalspace platform going forward.

We currently have an iPhone Contacts system under development in India and again its source code will be availably as open source.  The code can then be used and extended as required, either directly or using our partners in India or – it’s up to you.

We have other examples planned around Silverlight, which will allow “local” programs to be created that work in and out of the browser and across multiple platforms including mobile devices.

Of course with the existing onDemand 1.7 service you can get straight into either building directly or creating a simple design document and submitting with the 1.7 API document into and get it built today.

Remembering that the preferred default interface platform is the Web-Browser using W3C standards eg XHTML/js/jQuery/XML - which we are currently building a default interface scripts for.

Attachment added:

If you want to try it out as test then use: # Logon name: testing@ondemand # Password: test2010
mark.byers, 20 Oct 2010

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