How mydigitalstructure relates to (a Salesforce platform).
Architecture Primarily metadata (template) driven. User experience driven (can be metadata driven if required)
Language Proprietary (Apex) - can optional use REST API to build.  Any language that can request and absorb http requests.
Communication Primarily XML / SOAP (can do JSON) Primarily JSON (can do XML)
Model Open - with a common CRM model Common all-of-enterprise model (CRM to Financials) - extensible.
MVC Model-Controller are service side and send the View to the browser. Model (and kernel Controller) is service side.  The View-Controller is in the client (http agent).
Security Full service side rules for authentication and authorisation. Full in-model rules for authentication and authorisation.
2nd Factor Hard to work out.  SSO, but not really a 2nd factor. Token via SMS, Email or on-device generation.
User Interface (experience) Default framework that can be extended or use web services to build own. Open source example code that can be used as-is, incrementally extended, or used as education only, with own code.
App hosting On or off platform. On or off platform.
Development Environment Service side - no code step through function.  Only after the fact debugging. Client side - full development functions, including code step through.


  • is a heavy prescriptive server based framework. supports client focused non-prescriptive open light frameworks.

  • is rooted in traditional enterprise software development. is rooted in web standards and the commonality of http.

  • is a platform first and web(http)api second. is a web(http)api first and a platform second.

Getting started
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