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Robert Webster - 1upIT...

Develop With Get Together March 2012, Melbourne

"By using mydigitalstructure.com and open source UI frameworks there are now no limits to the operating system."

"'The pairing of existing UI frameworks with mydigitalstructure.com allows business app developers to be more agile and flexible then ever before. Apps can be built which co-exist alongside ever-changing business requirements, which will provide unique user experiences."


John Rea - Simple Business Systems
Develop With Get Together March 2012, Melbourne

"mydigitalstructure.com is a powerful means to quickly deploy customised solutions for businesses.  Traditionally individuals and businesses have had to adapt to technology:  now, with these new platforms, we can easily shape technology to suit people's needs"


Cassie Buono...
Develop With Get Together March 2012, Melbourne

"I'm a designer so I much prefer to focus on the user experience. With mydigitalstructure, I can spend less time on data structures and backend and more time doing what I enjoy most - creating great user experiences!"


Katie Lau - Freshcare...
Develop With Get Together March 2012, Melbourne

"Thanks for organising the conference last week - I thought it was very well run! The talks were great and also really liked the demonstration Cassie and Rob did on the second day where they created two apps simultaneously (I mentioned that to a friend of mine who also works in IT and his first reaction was "They made apps on the day? Wow the pressure!"). :)

It was fun - thank you!"

Stuart McArthur - Rotary...
Develop With Get Together March 2012, Melbourne

"With the layered structure ofmydigitalstructure.com I see the ability for developers to control and maintain aspects of user experience, functional design and business process, website layout, content and structure independently, while maximising reuse of code / templates / skilled professionals in other areas for a complete solution. It is quick to prototype and with over 500 methods in the platform covering all aspects of an organisation (business) it is inherently expandable and easy to incrementally deploy."

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