Essential information for building apps on mydigitalstructure.

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Endpoints for off-platform access.

If you're developing a webapp based on, then you can just use the relative path, as it is automatically in context of the domain which has access to the endpoints.

Example webapp & namespace has example html5/js code.

Read more about the 1blankspace open source namespace.

You can also find this code at

Authentication POST to /rpc/logon/ - see getting started on authentication and access control.
Off platform development Get the sid and logonkey from the /rpc/logon call and then append to every other call as &sid= and &logonkey=.
Getting Information Use Advanced Search on _SEARCH methods.

If working on a non javascript environment you can POST directly using JSON or XML format.

Details on the mydigitalstructure resource (object) model.

Updating Information Use _MANAGE methods.
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The resource (object) model