Object: 159. Click here for more information.  

Manage stock (inventory) levels for a product, includes optional integration with financials.

For more details, see the getting started guide for stock management

  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  EffectiveDate Date If you are using financials, you are not allowed to modify, delete, or add a record that is prior to the General Journal Lock Date.  This is overridable.
  FinancialAccount Numeric If you are using the financials module, the financial account for the corresponding general journal. If left blank, defaults to the Product's financialaccountpurchases.
  Notes Text (2000)  
  Object Numeric  
  ObjectContext Numeric  
  Product Numeric See PRODUCT_MANAGE for more information
  Store Numeric If using stores, the appropriate store for the adjustment. A store is a location where product can be stored.
  Type Numeric Type of adjustment:
1=Stock Added,
2=Stock Removed,
3=Stocktaking Adjustment (manual),
4=Stock Added (manual),
5=Stock Removed (manual),
6=Initial Stock (manual)
  UnitPrice Numeric Cost price per unit of adjustment.
  Units Numeric Number of units
  Variant Numeric If using Product Variants, the appropriate value for the adjustment