Send a SMS to a contact.

As default, it costs to send an SMS.

Setting up your space to send SMSs

You can enable / disabled SMS sending via Profile Setting 49. Defaults to Y

  ContactPerson Numeric Id of contact you want to send SMS to. (They must have a mobile number saved on their contact details).
  Message Text Mandatory.  Message to be sent.  Depending upon your provider, messages might be either truncated at 160 characters, or you will be charged once for the first 160 characters, and then for each additional 153 characters.  Maximum message length that will be sent is 925 characters (including the signature), i.e. 6 parts
  Mobile Text Mobile number, if not ContactPerson set.  You need to pass either a ContactPerson or Mobile.
  ReplyEmail Text The Email to send an reply to. Defaults to the logged on person's email address
  Signature Text Defaults to ' - {your first name} {your surname} ({your mobile})'. If you do not want a signature pass a blank string.  If you pass a value include the desired divider from the message (including a space), eg. ' - From ...'
  UseWorkPhone Text (1) Y / N [default]. If passing a contact, indicates that it should use the 'WorkPhone' field in preference to the 'Mobile' field
  Status SENT
  Mobile Mobile number SMS was sent to.