An advanced search. If you are caching headers only, The 'body' field will have the text 'Not cached', 'Attachments' will be Y/N If you are caching body, Attachments will still have Y/N, but AttachmentCount, and AttachmentList will have values too. DetailsCached Y/N indicates whether the full body / attachments have been retrieved (see MESSAGING_EMAIL_CACHE_GET_DETAILS)  
  Prefix Cache  
  Account Numeric Email Account
  AttachmentCount Numeric Only available when details have been cached
  Attachments Text (2000) Only available when details have been cached. If the format "Name|Cached Id|Email Server Index#...". Also see MESSAGING_EMAIL_CACHE_ATTACHMENT_SEARCH for an advanced search for the attachments
  CC Text (500) Who the email was CC'd to. In the format "name|emailaddress#name2|emailaddress2"
  ContentType Text (100) Contains cryptic values such as 'multipart/mixed;\u000d\u000a boundary=\"----=_NextPart_000_02'
  Date Date  
  DetailsCached Text (1) Y/N. Have the details been cached on this message.
  Folder Numeric IMAP folder
  FolderText Text (50)  
  From Text (100)  
  FromName Text (100)  
  HasAttachments Text (1) Y/N.
  Id Numeric  
  IMAPFlags Text (100) Will have values like \SEEN.
  Message Text (Big!) Only available when details have been cached.
  MessageId Numeric Id of the message as provided by the email server
  Notes Text (2000)  
  ReadReceipt Numeric 1 = Not Requested, 2 = Requested, 3 = Receipt Sent, 4 = Receipt Ignored
  ReadReceiptText Text (50)  
  ReplyToEmail Text (100) What email address should be used if replying to the email
  Subject Text (200)  
  To Text (500) Who the email was sent to. In the format "name|emailaddress#name2|emailaddress2"
  Standard System Parameters   Click here for more information