Object: 46. Click here for more information.  

When adding a new tax report, it is recommended to leave all fields blank, except for area if you are segmenting your tax report. Based on the configuration, it will automatically work out the appropriate dates and what should be included etc.

Uses Profile Setting 12 to determine whether to calculate by Accrual or Cash

Uses Profile Setting 225 & 285 to determine whether to process by Area. For historical reasons you need to set both of these settings to Y

  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  Area Numeric Two special values: -1=All,-2=All Not Managing Their Own BAS
  DeferredTax Numeric  
  EndDate Date  
  IncludePayrollTax Text (1) Y/N
  IncludeTax Text (1) Y/N
  InstalmentStartDate Date BTI
  Notes Text (2000)  
  PayrollTaxStartDate Date EWT
  PreviousInstalmentsAmount Numeric  
  PurchasesAdjustment Numeric Acquisitions (Purchases) Adjustment
  Reference Text (50) Uses Profile Setting 13 to determine the default
  SalesAdjustment Numeric Supplies (Sales) Adjustment (G7)
  Status Numeric 1=In Progress,2=Complete,3=Ready For Checking,4=Checked / Approved For Completion
  SubmittedContactPerson Numeric  
  [TaxAccountingMethod] Text Cannot be set. Is picked up from profile setting 12 - 'Tax Report By Accrual (Y/N)'. See CORE_PROFILE_MANAGE
  T1 Numeric Option 2: Income times Rate method - PAYG Instalment Income
  T3 Numeric Option 2: Income times Rate method - PAYG Varied % Rate
  T9 Numeric BTI Option 1: Fixed - varied amount for period
  TaxStartDate Date GST
  TaxOfficeReference Text (50) eg ATO document ID
  Type Numeric For GST, 1=Normal,2=Fixed,3=Annual